Mesure Muse: Rashi Agarwal Favier

Mesure Muse: Rashi Agarwal Favier

Rashi Agarwal Favier is a fashion model, content creator and sustainable fashion advocate. When she was 20 years old, she moved from her hometown Coimbatore, India, to London to study Accessory Design at the London College of Fashion. In 2016 she launched her own sustainable handbag brand, 'Raff', before making her way to the Netherlands. Rashi advocates for a more sustainable fashion industry through her social media and her work for Fair Wear Foundation, a non-profit organisation that works to improve conditions for workers in garment factories. Rashi chose a rust brown fabric made from 100% wool to craft a double-breasted suit with a waistcoat. 



What made you become an advocate for sustainable fashion? And how do you make sure you are making sustainable fashion choices? 

Growing up in one of the biggest garment production areas in India gave me a real insight into what goes into making our clothes and how this affects the global south, not just socially but also environmentally. When I started my own brand, it was a no-brainer for me that it should be produced while keeping the environment in mind and paying the artisans fair wages. Moving to Amsterdam, this was reinforced as I was surrounded by people who believed the same: that fair and sustainable fashion should be the new normal. Moving here also showed me how the purchasing habits of the global north can affect the global south, and I had to speak up. I feel that if you have a platform and a voice, you must use them for positive change. I am privileged to do so, to advocate towards this goal, and to help anyone switch from fast fashion to a more conscious way of consuming fashion. 



What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion, to me, is self-expression. It is art that you live your life in. I am quite attached to every piece in my wardrobe which makes me shop consciously. I think it is so important to have clothes that have a story and to look at them as an extension to yourself, which helps in moving away from throw-away fashion and fast trends. My clothes are an extension of my personality and how I feel on a particular day. A good outfit has the power to give me a confidence boost and make my day infinitely better.



What do you look for when buying clothing?

I first look at the material composition of the garment. I have given up buying polyester and prefer natural fabrics. Next, I should be able to create at least 3 looks with the garment mixed and fit my existing wardrobe. If I am buying new clothing, it is most important that the clothes are made fairly and ethically. I am wary of brands that are not openly transparent about their supply chain. Being a tall girl, it is a joy to have access to made-to-measure clothing, and have clothes that finally fit me well.


How would you describe your personal style?

Classic and feminine but with a fun and edgy twist.



For your Mesure creation, you chose a rusty brown fabric to craft a double-breasted suit. What do you love about this look?

I always look for versatility in the pieces I wear to create multiple looks with them and wear them for various occasions. The rust brown colour can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. It is also easy to style the three pieces separately with pieces in my existing wardrobe to create fun looks! The fabric is so versatile as well and it can work in warmer months too. A three-piece suit gives me the ultimate 'I am powerful and can do anything' feels!


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